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Deidre is a character designed in response to a three word brief: Sad, Troubled and Jittery. Deidre is a 15 year year old girl, she was abducted by aliens as a young child - taken from Earth and made to work for her abductors in their intergalactic motel. She is sad and troubled, missing home and her own kind, left jittery from her intimidating captors. Her name, Deidre, meaning melancholy and sorrow has Celtic and Gaelic origins, leading to the choice to make her hair a vibrant orange. Her outfit draws inspiration from beetles in order to emphasise her jittery nature. Her clothing is coloured blue and orange - blue chosen to represent her sad and troubled nature, paired with orange to make use of the vibrating colour theory in order to emphasise her jittery temperament. She has been designed using a majority of curved lines and soft shapes to emphasise both her youth and sad and troubled personality. The sharp lines used in the orange detailing of her dress also work to build her jittery nature.