Red Concept 2 copy.jpg


This environmental  illustration was created for a visual development brief. The video game “Red” is set at the beginning of Australia’s gold rush period in the 1850’s, it is designed for audiences 13+. It will follow the idea and story of the well known and loved “Red Riding Hood”, the main player (Red) must make their way from their cottage, through the harsh Australian landscape to reach “Grandma’s house”, facing battles and obstacles along the way. This take on the concept sees Little Red Riding Hood visualised a Red Fox, a species that was introduced to Australia in the 1850’s for the purpose of hunting as sport. In the game, Red collects nuggets of gold along her journey. The “Wolf” in this game will be embodied by an Australian Miner who is also a recreational hunter, he has a long standing vendetta against Red for stealing his gold.